Monthly Archives: October 2011


As a happy counterpoint to my last post, I thought I’d post a couple pictures I took recently that I really like. Tweet


When & How, Lord?

What do you do when your strength runs dry? When your hope for improvement or change of circumstance fades in the waiting? When everything you’ve tried & prayed for just isn’t materializing? Do you try a different tactic? Give up and give in? Throw up your hands and run away? I know God tells us…


It’s Fall, Y’all

Y’know how I know? No, it’s not the dropping temperatures or the changing leaves or the start of new shows on TV. It’s the fact that our calendar has become stuffed with events that only happen in the fall. Like football games, Homecoming, school conferences, concerts, plays and Halloween preparations. Of course in the midst…


It’s That Time of Year Again!

What’s that, you might ask? Fall harvest time? Halloween? Columbus Day festivities? Oh…I know! Breast cancer awareness!! No, no, no and no!  (Well…technically it’s yes, yes, yes & yes, but that’s not what I’m talking about) Once again, we here at Motherhood…Unscripted are celebrating Down Syndrome Awareness month!! Why?? Because people with DS are awesome…