Monthly Archives: April 2011

Creepy Crawly Birthday Party

Wow – what a day!! Today was the day of Steven’s birthday party and it was the bomb diggity. We went to this amazing local pet store called Corbin’s Exotic Pets. They do a 2 hour party where you get an hour-long animal show and then an hour for cake & presents. It was even…


Beside Myself

I am distraught. So peeved. On the verge of tears. I got a message on Sunday that “hard drive failure is imminent”. Being a very good computer user, I immediately hooked up my EHD and began a backup. That was still going over 24 hours later and, eventually, failed. I figured that at least some…


One Decade

It’s finally happened. At 6:22 this morning, my oldest boy turned ten. I cannot believe it. I’m totally freaking out. What a ride it’s been with him. I still remember that day. Jump in the wayback machine with me, won’t you? I woke up on Tuesday, April 24th 2001, with noticeably different contractions than I’d…


Good Friday

Sitting at the hairdresser with time to kill. Time to take advantage & actually blog. I’m getting my grey covered, caramel highlights, a hair therapy treatment & a cut. I haven’t spent this much time on myself in probably 10 years. So much going on….I’m still working on the kids’ musical, which goes up on…


Proof That Change is Inevitable

Take heart, all you dorks. Even George Clooney was a dweeb in his youth. (See these photos and 122 more here)   And who knew that Christopher Walken was, at one time, a major hottie? That Tim Roth once posed for GlamourShots? These grabbed my attention, so I thought I’d share. Hope you enjoy it…