Monthly Archives: December 2010

For Unto Us…

…a Child has been born. I’m way late on the whole pre-Christmas reflection and even late on Christmas itself. It’s partly being crazy busy and part just wanting to spend my down time doing things that require no brain power. Like playing Plants vs. Zombies. First off, my baby girl is now a teenager. And…


*Tap Tap* Hello??

I am still alive. The last week and a half has been rough. Y’know that flu that’s been going around? It FLATTENED our family. I think Steve brought it home (horrible, stupid schools), but I’m not sure because pretty much any time he’s home for a few days, he’s sick. Though it’s impossible to tell…



I know I haven’t posted in forever, but please bear with me. I’ve spent the last 5 days dealing with the vomit of all my children. I am exhausted and furious. I am so. incredibly. done. with. vomit. I’ll be back. Must rest. Tweet