Monthly Archives: November 2010


Here I sit, in the basement with William and Maggie. Steve’s sick. He was up much of last night vomiting and I decided it would be better for Will & I to sleep downstairs. Since the bedroom is all full of sick germs now. Ew. We had a really nice Thanksgiving with my parents, grandma…


I Challenge You, People Magazine

Once again, People Magazine has put out their list of “Random Little Boys Who Have Abs, So That Makes Them HAWT!” issue. I cannot stand this issue. Because, inevitably, there are less than five actual men in the magazine. The rest are little square-jawed, 4% body fat, clones sporting scruff to show that they’ve actually…


Cuh-Rayzee Weekend

There was simply too much to do this weekend. My husband, Steve, opened the freshman/sophomore musical he directed at his school. And, of course, he wanted me there for all the performances, but I have this stumbling block called KIDS that prevent me from just up & doing whatever I want whenever I want. Additionally,…


Open Letter

Dear Public Restrooms, In the past years, you have done an exemplary job of creating an environment where one can take care of his or her business with a minimum of physical contact. The toilets are auto-flush, the sinks are auto-running, the soap and towels have motion detectors, hand dryers are automatic. You basically now…