Monthly Archives: October 2010

So Much

There is so much upsetting me right now. It feels like everything is going wrong, falling apart. I’m trying to keep it all in perspective and remember that God’s all over it, but it’s getting more difficult. The majority has to do with the kids’ school. A couple of years ago, the school became independent…


I’m Still Alive

I made it through. Seven 13-year old girls spent the night and I didn’t die. So, yay for me! It actually turned out to be pretty fun for them, I think. Everybody came in costume and we did a photo shoot. I spent the rest of the night editing the pictures and printed them out…


Seven Years

Somehow, someway, seven years have flown by and I’m still a little disbelieving of it. See, technically, Henry almost was never here. A few small changes and he wouldn’t be. When I was newly pregnant with him – about 8-9 weeks along – I had some spotting. Which wasn’t unusual for my pregnancies, but since…


Let’s Show Solidarity For ALL People

Today, apparently, is something called Spirit Day. It was invented earlier this month by a teenager – encouraging people to wear purple to show support for LGBT people and against bullying of same. Which is great. I’m all for nobody getting  bullied for whatever they do and whoever they are. Here’s what’s stuck in my…