Monthly Archives: August 2010


Because I’m tired of using the word “random” (even though that’s what it is), I thesaurused it up and chose “arbitrary” instead. So here we go. First I found some pictures I’ve meant to share, but haven’t for whatever reason. This first one is from this cool Special Night for Special Kids event we went…


So Tired

I am so tired I want to die. Literally. My eyes are burning, my head hurts, I feel weak  & loopy. I think if I could get a full night’s sleep like a normal person, I’d be better, but it just ain’t happening. Even when I go to bed at a reasonable hour, I’m awakened…


Buy My Junk!

I’m sitting outside, sweating, waiting for people to come and buy our junk. And buy they are! I’m actually pretty surprised how well this sale is going so far! The entire edge of the garage is lined with racks of clothes. Steven has 2 shoeboxes full of Thomas trains, a table full of Thomas bridges…


Are You KIDDING Me?!?

I must have said that 30 times last night. Thirty times that William decided to wake up crying. Thirty times he wouldn’t be consoled. Thirty times he seemed to have to poop & couldn’t, but didn’t respond to any palpation, nursing or cuddling. Thirty times that I said, “I’ve only got 5 more hours to…