Monthly Archives: July 2010

Questions on Friday

Here are some random questions running through my head on a random Friday. 1. Why do I keep on dreaming about being back in high school? Both at high school age and at my age now – as if I needed to go back and take a class or 2 to graduate. At least twice…


Just Pictures

Today I’m just going to share some pictures. I totally wish I could think of something decent to talk about, but for some reason I have the dumb. So, enjoy. Henry, completely mesmerized and dreamy amidst colorful bubbles William. Look at that mouth. His response to me making a clucking noise. Henry & me at…


Doing Things Differently

I’m watching Julie & Julia (finally!) and while for most people it’s about the food, for me it’s about the blogging. Isn’t that odd? Most of the food stuff isn’t appealing to me at all – though the boeuf bourguinon looked pretty good – but I’m totally interested in her blogging and how she picked…