Monthly Archives: June 2010

Water, Water Everywhere

We are in Wisconsin Dells. I have never been around this much water in my LIFE. And, yes, we’ve even been here before. We’re staying at this gorgeous resort courtesy of Steve’s brother & his wife & family who own a time share. They invited us to come vacation with them. They live in Louisiana,…


Getting to Know Me – 6/20/10

1. While at the beach, pool, etc..Do you cover up your ass(ets) or show them off? Because of my deep concern for the eyes & brains of those around me, I cover them up. Then I cover up the covered up parts. And finish with a lovely covering up. 2. Road trips or Plane trips?…


Week That’s Made Me Weak

This has, so far, been one stinker of a week. I have been somewhat productive, which is good, but I’m a tad overwhelmed. Steve’s at this week-long class at the Holocaust Museum that gets him post-grad credits toward a higher pay grade. Which is good. However, I’m home all week alone with the kids which…


Treasure Uncovered!

Y’all, my mother has uncovered a TREASURE. See, she was digging through a bunch of stuff in her basement trying to find some pictures for a collage she wants to make. She came across some of my grandmother’s stuff that she kept after my grandmother died. She hadn’t really gone through any of it, but…