Monthly Archives: May 2010


Everybody’s coming down sick again. William’s fighting off his sickness finally and now Henry has a sinus infection. Steven was complaining all weekend about a queasy tummy and sore tonsils. Took him to the doctor today and she found nothing. Today Maggie came home from school with the same queasy tummy, headache and complaining that…


What is WRONG With People?

You wanna know how I know that the world’s going straight to hell? Because there are adults who will teach something like this to 7 year olds and have them perform it publicly. And because there are parents who won’t see their precious darling practicing this and say, “Oh, HELL no.” Since they took down…



Yeah, I’m a whiner. I admit it. I got held accountable a little bit about it here & on Facebook – not in any sort of acrimonious way, but more as a “maybe adjust your perceptions & expectations a bit…?”. Which isn’t such a bad thing. I post the truth about what i’m feeling, not…


Still Pretty Hurt

You know what’s annoying? Doing your regular blog-hopping on the days following the Mother’s Day where the only recognition you got was cards from your kids that your mother took them to buy and seeing all the wonderful things other mother’s families did for them. When you’re still dealing with the hurt and, yes, rage…


Happy Mother’s Day

Not what I planned, but what are ya gonna do? We had planned to spend yesterday (Saturday) at the zoo for the opening of the Great Bear Wilderness. They were planning on having this amazing PowWow which I thought would be totally fun for the kids & everything. On Friday, unfortunately, Steve woke up unable…