Monthly Archives: April 2010

One of THOSE Days

When you feel like giving up. And running away. Because nothing went right. I got what seemed like 3 minutes of sleep last night and was painfully and rudely ripped out of my dream when my alarm went off. When you’re so tired that it’s actually painful to wake up? Yeah. Plus, I was dreaming…



Y’know who I love and think is totally hysterical and talented and needs to have her own show? Because, seriously, who can do this many voices this well? Maria Bamford. I think she’s the funniest female comedian out there. Maria Bamford – Learn More About Geography Futurama New Episodes Funny Demon Zombie TV…


Dear State of Illinois: Here’s a Punch in the Larynx

I am DISGUSTED by my state officials. The state that gave us the miraculous wonder that is Rod Blagojevich and George Ryan as well as the class acts of Betty Loren Maltese, Otto Kerner, Jr. and Dan Rostenkowski and many other corrupt government officials has completely lit the flame of my rage. You see, to…