Monthly Archives: March 2010

Time for More Funnies

Yeah, I spent way too much time clicking through funny things yesterday and now I have to share what I found & why they made me laugh. So…here we go. Yes, you are. ‘Nuff said. Can we go back to that time, please? And people like Paris Hilton, Heidi & Spencer, the Gosselins  and their…



It’s been a busy couple of days and now we sit on the cusp of Spring Break. Which I am not looking forward to. It’s not that I don’t want to be around my kids, but having our routine interrupted for a whole week messes up Henry and Steven so much and it takes an…


More Playing

With pictures. With the kids. With my blog. It’s all about the playing, people. That’s how you learn. Or, at least, that’s how *I* learn. It’s been such a busy weekend! For some crazy reason, I’ve felt the urge to do fun things with the kids. Probably because they spend every. single. weekend. Stuck in…


Yeah. . .Just Try Not To Smile!

I love, love, LOVE this picture of William! He’s so smiley & adorable. I mean, seriously, how could you even look at this & not want to roll around in kittens while cracking your skin with your smiles? He rocks, his smile rocks, his chubby little nose and jowls rock. So did you enjoy yesterday’s…