Monthly Archives: January 2010

A Bit of Housekeeping

You spammers, you. You know who you are. Out there writing exactly enough in a comment to attempt to get past my comment moderation/spam filter so my blog will link back to your stupidness. I HATE you. You have annoyed me so much. Every day, I get comment moderation notification for 6-10 comments and, with…


Still Working It

The “CALM”, that is. I’m still trying. Though, yesterday, the kids were working on bustin’ it. I was looking forward to getting the kids back to school so I could come home and nap with Will. However, he decided that he didn’t really need to nap and woke me up after about an hour. Which…..noooooooo….


My Word For 2010

Have you heard of this? This idea of choosing a word to represent your year? This word is one you’ll focus on during the year, making decisions, growing, focusing and rearranging life around the fulfillment of this word. I first heard of this idea from the scrapbooking guru, Ali Edwards. This is her 4th year…