Yearly Archives: 2009

-0.8 Degrees

Seriously. Talk to me some more about “global warming” Mr. Gore. So I’ve got some time to waste. We’re driving into the city today to go to the eye institute to get all our eyes checked. Because we’re abnormal people who can’t just go to the local opthomologist, we have to go to the ULTRASOOPERCRAZYHUGEEYEPLACE…


Squish meets Santa

For the very first time, Henry saw Santa!! The therapy center where Henry gets OT twice a week had a  little Christmas party today and we thought it’d be a fun thing to do. Henry’s never seen Santa live & in person, so I was very interested to see how he’d react. I’m glad we…


December Freebie

Since I’m not designing anymore, I thought I might offer up some of my old stuff as freebies here on a monthly basis. No biggie – just a kit or something that people might like to have. I mean, it’s made and is just sitting on my hard drive – maybe somebody would like it,…


Mo Updates

Okay – I left off last Wednesday with our hijinks & hilarity at New Moon (or, as I prefer to call it, Twilight 2: The Wolfening). I stand by my thoughts and still cannot figure out really why this series is so popular and speaks to loudly to the people who are obsessed with it….