Monthly Archives: December 2009

So Long, 2009

It’s the last night of ’09 and here I sit in my husband’s office with Will on a pillow next to me, Maggie having a slumber party with 2 friends in the basement, Henry in bed and Steven at a sleepover elsewhere. We are sitting here watching Paranormal Activity, which I really want to see,…



I love Ricky Gervais. So much. He’s so funny. This made me laugh very, very hard. And it has Elmo, so, you know, that’s good. Thanks to Best Week Ever for starting my day off with a guffaw. It was needed, let me tell you. Tweet


Ready to Dig Out My Eye

Yes. The headache is still here. I hate it and it’s driving me nutsy. When we left last time, I had finished telling about Henry’s time at school on Friday. “That must have been it” you may have thought. Oh, no, no, no. I had to leave Henry’s school before it was all done because…