Monthly Archives: November 2009


Oh my gosh, y’all. I cannot believe how quickly this week has flown. We’ve been busy, yes, but not overwhelmingly so, so I’m confused as to how it went so quickly! I love this icon. It’s called “Fever of 100 & Werewolf” and it’s based off Cleolinda’s masterful New Moon recap. You know, Jacob’s all…


:Hangs Head in Shame:

I know. I know. I’ve been woefully absent from my own blog. I’m so sorry. No excuses. Just reasons. That start with The Sims 3. I tell ya, when I get distracted by something, I get DISTRACTED. I hadn’t played in months and once I fired it back up, I was FOCUSED. Okay. Anyway. What’s…


Another Open Letter

Dear Comcast, While it’s tempting just to write “You Suck” and end, that’s too easy. Your customer service deserves SO. MUCH. MORE. Here’s an idea. When a customer calls in and makes it through your labyrinth of button-pushing (“Push 1 for English”?? REALLY?!? Am I NOT in America?) in order to talk to an actual…


Another Year Down

It’s not quite that dire, but I am another year older! Thursday was my birthday and I had such a great day. My birthday has been rough on me in the past. I usually get depressed and cranky a day or so before, lasting through the day after. When I’ve tried to analyze what goes…