Monthly Archives: September 2009

Strange Stuff Today

Steve (who is STILL SICK, OMG) and I did the grocery shopping today. I wanted coffee first, so I stopped at Starbucks to get my frappucino and a chai latte for Steve. Parked, got our drinks and started back to the car. Then I was passed by two guys walking the opposite way. As I…


Where has another week gone???

First off – today is National Punctuation Day. I think we, as the internet, should celebrate by allowing the exclamation point a well-deserved rest. So all you Twihards/Twimoms out there who feel the need to squeal uncontrollably over the OMGHAWTNESS!!!!!1!!!1111ELEVENTY-ONE of Edward/Rob Pattinson, let’s find another way to express it as a celebration and recognition…


More Humor

Though nothing really guarantees that people WON’T laugh more than telling them that “humor is coming….NOW.” However, I had to share these things I came across during my internet travels today. Many made me laugh loudly enough to startle the baby, others simply made my jaw drop and a befuddled “….what???” escape me. Join me,…