Monthly Archives: August 2009

One Month

Surprisingly, it’s been a month already since William’s birth. One month filled with less sleep, lots of nursing, some worrying and lots of snuggling. Let’s party!! Seems to be what he’s saying here. So, what have I learned in the month Will’s been with us? I’ve learned how to feed one child while holding another….



I ran across some old pictures I’d taken that made me laugh, so I thought I’d share them & their stories with you. Figuring that, if they made me laugh, perhaps they’d make you laugh as well. Which is all I can ask for, really. This is Maggie circa 1999. She had a predilection for…


One First Day Down

Praise the Lord, Henry’s first day finally came!! He was SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY to go back to school – he couldn’t get in the building fast enough. Such a yucky, rainy day, we weren’t able to get pictures outside or walking in, but I got some inside before we left & at the school. He…


Things That Amused/Entertained Me Today

I’m an old-school MST3K geek. I watched it when it first appeared on Comedy Central in the 90s. I watched it when it moved to the Sci-Fi Channel later on. I now dig Rifftrax, which is done by the same people. But, I must admit, I’m more of a Joel fan than a Mike fan,…