Monthly Archives: July 2009


Still no baby. Still no change in anything. Other than the fact that I was a major Cranky McPsychopants today. You know what’s more annoying than a child who does not understand that, no matter how many times and ways you say “Cheerios”, it doesn’t change the face that WE ARE OUT OF CHEERIOS AND…


38 weeks

Had my 38 week appointment today. No change. BOO. I’m still at 1cm, but, funnily enough (not really), I went from measuring 38 weeks last time to 42 weeks this time. Which means that either William gained like 3 pounds in a week, my placenta is HUGE, I’ve got the Great Salt Lake of amniotic…


Nope…still nothin’

Sorry. No progress yet on the baby front. Everything’s still the same – random contractions, super-tired, etc. I’m hoping for this week, but it’ll be what it’ll be, right? Yesterday I had the idea that because it was a nice day that wasn’t too hot, it would be good for us to go out &…