Monthly Archives: June 2009

Can’t think of a title

Have you ever read Stephen King’s short story, “The Long Walk“? It was part of his 1985 Richard Bachman-pseudonymed collection called “The Bachman Books”. If you haven’t read it, I recommend it – great story. Basic plot is that it’s an annual contest held in an alternate-universe USA. A pool of 100 teenage boys picked…


I know.

I’m sorry. I have been so tired lately, by the time I get to my usual blogging time, I’m too tired to do it. Plus, I’ve been distracted by creating fonts and playing Sims3. Oh, and trying not to kill myself doing the laundry. Cuz, see, as I was going down the basement stairs earlier…



I have been stupid busy and crazy tired. I’m sorry I haven’t been here or updated. Cuz I’m a dork like that. Let’s see….I have a cold sore. Maggie was sick. Henry’s still not done with school. Steven’s Asperger’s is flying brilliantly and driving me nuts. I’m watching the Tonys right now and Elton John…



Seriously – how did it come to be June already?? I’m freaking OUT. Maggie & Steven are done with school and Henry has one more week. I’m already exhausted. I took M&S to see Up! on Monday mornings 1st showing and that was quite fun. What a GOOD movie. I cried like a little girl…