Monthly Archives: April 2009

My poor dog

Today was Nika’s annual vet visit. Poor thing. She’s so old and excited at the same time. I felt bad as we went in – you see, Nika is a very protective dog. She views it as her job to protect us from perceived threats, especially other dogs. And since I am, in her view,…


…and the villagers ran for the hills

So last week brought the arrival of another package. One I was really looking forward to. I knew it going in, but when I saw the box, I was stunned by the size. And, since I already have Snub Snape, I believe this one’s name will be Mongo Snape. As compared to Snub Snape &…


Eight years

I woke up on Tuesday, April 24th 2001, with noticeably different contractions than I’d had before – focused lower in my abdomen & across my back, too – rather than up at the top of my uterus. Since I already had a regular appointment that afternoon at 4pm, I decided to just wait & see…


What a day!

We are all completely exhausted. Between the business, the nervousness, the emotion, and all that, the talent show took it all out of us. But it was so cool. My kids performed beautifully and were so confident, I was SO PROUD. So, here are the videos. First is Steven with his Light Saber performance. He…


Some funnies for today

First, I have to share a shopping tip. For those of you who shop at Wal-Mart, you’ve probably tried the Sam’s Choice brand of lots of things. We’ve been particularly happy with the Sam’s Choice grape juice. 128 fl. oz. and it’s GOOOOOOOD. So, when I was in the store the other day, they  had…