Monthly Archives: February 2009

Catching up

Okay, I promised that I’d share my thoughts on stuff I’ve been Twittering, lately. That is, if anybody cares. I’m guessing “not so much”, but when has that ever stopped somebody from rambling about on their blog. Right? Okay. First, let’s go back a week and remember the Oscars. I watch every year – even…


Still Scrappin’

Which is a very nice thing to be wasting my time with – rather than, say, playing Zoo Tycoon or practicing identity theft. (no. I don’t) I’ve been doing this project for my mom of sorting through all her pictures and when I got to her wedding photos, I realized that these photos needed some…


Sunday night while Oscaring

yeah – I’m watching the Oscars. Always do. Every year. I wanted to share – I may have been sick as a dog, but I have been scrapping like a fiend. A fiend, I tell you. Since I last shared, here’s what I’ve done. As always, images are clickable to read journaling or whatever. Cool,…


Wednesday? Already??

Everything’s going too fast right now. Mostly because I’m going too slow. It has been a miserable 5 days for me. Steve brought home some horrifying respiratory thing last Thursday (missed school Thursday & Friday) and, even though I thought I was steering clear enough, I woke up with it on Saturday. By Sunday morning,…


I’ve been SO good.

I have been working SO HARD this week. Too much to do, not enough time, not enough lung capacity, not nearly enough naps. But, I’ve been a good, responsible mom and completed all my responsibilities – no matter how much I want to roll into a ball like a roly poly bug and slide under…