Monthly Archives: January 2009

Rock ON, Tennessee!

It’s official. When Henry’s old enough to consider college, we’re moving to Tennessee. Developmental disabilities won’t shut door to college Way to go, TN. Maybe some other schools will take your lead. Tweet


Oh my. I’m dangerously tired. Like, seeing things tired. I haven’t been sleeping well lately because I’ve had this cough. Like a tickle in my throat. I lie down, start falling asleep, something irritates the tickly part, I get racked with coughs to the point of wetting my pants. Then I have to get up,…


Back to the Grind

The kids go back to school tomorrow. On one hand, YIPPIE!!! On the other hand, crud. Yippie because they are SO BORED and I don’t have the energy to entertain them. Crud because I’ve been getting so much sleep – able to sleep late nearly every day because my kids are AWESOME and are letting…