Monthly Archives: November 2008

I’ve been playing!

So, Steve got me what I asked for as a birthday present – a tripod! I’m very happy about it – since I’ve got a new, awesome camera, I needed a tripod for family portraits (which need to be done soon!) or self-portraits or night, etc. Of course, I had to play. So yesterday afternoon…


Thanksgiving Celebrations

It’s coming…..right around the corner…..descending upon us. It’s Thanksgiving! I loooove Thanksgiving. I’ll admit it freely – mostly because of the food. I couldn’t really care less about the turkey – it’s the rest of it. The stuffing – cornbread & traditional – the sweet potatoes, the rolls and breads and, of course, the pumpkin…


My Birthday

So, today’s my 40th. I enter a new decade and really say goodbye to youth. Which is good in some respects and difficult in others. But, as always, I must find the humor in it. I learned this morning, as I listened to Bob on Ron on Steve Dahl’s show, that I share a birthday…


So, I’ve been….busy

I guess that’s what you’d call it. Busy. Or else “spending way too much time on Facebook”. I’ve been scanning photos and uploading photos and friending people I haven’t thought about in 20 years and writing on their walls and collecting Flair. Basically, really important, life-altering stuff. But I’ve been enjoying it at least. Hey,…