Monthly Archives: October 2008


There are some incredibly sweet people out there in the blogging world. Crazy sweet people who somehow think my blog is fun & enjoyable! And 2 of them have given me awards – which is so humbling. And honoring. The first one was from Mama of Romance at Sex Diaries of a Mom: The Rules…….


Project in Progress

So, I’m making progress on this block project for Henry. I’m so excited with how it’s turning out so far. I haven’t done anything with fabrics or ribbons yet, and I’m still waiting on the rest of the blocks to arrive, but I’ve been working on “A”, “D”, “E”, “G”, “H”, “M”, “P” and “T”….


So busy!!

I’ve got so much stuff I’m working on – gotta share! First is going through some old tubs of clothes I had. They had been stored in our old garage for…like….ever, and we full of garage stank and possibly spiders. So, had to wash them all to begin with. Then I went through to determine…


Could you DIE from the ridiculousness?

So, I saw some people doing this Hair Mixer thing and I had to try it – because putting the wrong face on things is inherently funny. So here are mine. Me as Brooke Burke. Look at the big, big face and really inappropriate dress: Me as Salma Hayek. Bwahahaha. Me as Penelope Cruz. The…