Monthly Archives: September 2008

Okay, I have HAD IT.

I just caught wind of a story from a 10pm nightly news story. Apparently, this morning ANOTHER newborn baby was found in a GARBAGE CAN. A 2 week old little girl. Left in a garbage pile – luckily found by someone scavenging through that trash. There is simply no excuse for this. NONE. Illinois has…


Disney Bingo

Do you love Disney movies? I do and have even most of my adult life! Can I tell you a secret? Beauty & the Beast was one of the 1st dates my husband and I went on and ended up being kind of a mini-theme at our wedding! Here are my top 15 Disney Characters:…



That’s how I feel right now. So tired, yet again. what’s WRONG with me? On Thursday, I got an email from Susan over at 5 Minutes for Mom. She had purchased one of my templates and was flustered, so she asked if I could call her. Of course, I did. Apparently, she had one of…


Back to School

How’s school going for y’all? Did you get everything done in time? Everybody has what they need? It’s so hard to get everything prepared the way it’s supposed to be – especially when you’ve got more than one school’s requirements to meet! The biggest requirement, it seems, is that EVERYTHING MUST BE LABELED WITH CHILD’S…