Monthly Archives: July 2008

Being domestic

I was, today. Want to see what I made? I made a challah, y’all! We got a breadmaker recently and Steve brought home a bread machine cookbook, so I’ve been experimenting, trying different recipes and having a lot of fun. I’d never made challah before, but I’ve always wanted to, so I saw a recipe…



Okay, I didn’t like the last one that much. It was relaxing and serene, but very bland. I’m liking this one better – mostly because it has a bit more of a scrapping feel to it. I’ve got more work to do on it to make it better. I need to re-do the logo a…


What do you think?

Okay …. I’ve been playing around with a new template. What do you think? It’s very minimalist, which I like, and my old header doesn’t work with it, which is okay, but not great. I love the all-one-color background so the body & the sidebar all blend together. The only thing I really don’t like…


Coming to terms with “because”

I know. It’s an odd title. And it’s something I’m working through.

You know how there are things you know are true, but you can’t seem to get them from your head to your heart so you can live them as truth? I mean, there are things you just KNOW. Our old pastor used to talk about it as “I know it in my knower” – meaning it was one of those things that you didn’t even have to think about anymore. It’s as fact as fact can be – like that there is a God. Or that gravity will keep me from flying into space. You don’t need to really assimilate these things – once you know, you just know.

Then there are truths that you know in your head, but


So…I don’t know. I’ve been so totally unpleasantly uncreative lately. No motivation at all. No ideas, no inspiration, no *push*. It seems to be almost a self-fulfilling thing, almost. I don’t have the motivation to create, therefore I don’t create, which means I get behind in what I need to do, but who can create…