Yearly Archives: 2008

Meet the Bean

Wanna know about our first appointments? The day after Christmas was my first doctor’s appointment. Since we’ve moved, I have to start all over finding an OB. This is SO HARD, y’all. You see, I had Steven and Henry both at home with a physician-assisted homebirth clinic. It was the best experience, the best decision…


Catching up

Okay – it’s been FOREVER since I blogged, I think. Been too, too busy, just like everybody else. Plus, I’m STILL sick. So. Christmas Eve was Maggie’s birthday. Girl is eleven now. I can’t believe it – just yesterday she was our little princess. Now she’s all tweeny and grown up. I don’t like it,…


Feeling optimistic

I’m starting to feel better, so I’m very happy about that. The extreme congestion is dissipating, my cough is abating, my headache’s not so bad. I’m even not feeling quite so queasy. Of course, I did today, and nearly killed someone. Had to finally go out and finish the Christmas shopping. Apparently tomorrow is Maggie’s…



Y’all. I am WRECKED. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately, but I feel so awful. Like hot buttered crap. Yeah, the pregnancy bit is kicking my behind. I never was this sick any of the other times. Never. Not throwing up, thankfully, but nauseous pretty much 24/7. On top of it, I’m sick. Horrible…