Monthly Archives: November 2007

More Utterizing!

I found this cool widget on the Utterz site that puts an automatic update on your site everytime you have a new Utterz. I really think Utterz is a most awesome idea, mostly because there are so many times that I’m driving and I think of something I want to blog about, but I’ve totally…


A delicious, delectable weekend

It’s my birthday present weekend & here I am, enjoying myself at the local Holiday Inn. Thanks to Priceline & my thoughtful husband who knows that I need to just get. away. once in a while. It’s been…..interesting thus far. I left about 4:00 yesterday afternoon, and spent some time in Borders, looking for book…


Thanks Happy Giving!

Okay – watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Giant bobbleheads of our Founding Fathers?? WHAT?? Nothing represents our patriotism like gigantic bobbleheads of Benjamin Franklin, George Washington & Thomas Jefferson. Could there BE some more clowns in the parade?? Please? Because 57573465789645796387634786 clowns make me so. very. very. happy. (NOT) An entire marching band filled…


Sacrifice by the least of us…

It’s not just we humans that are sacrificing for our freedoms. I realized today how much Nika must miss her master. I saw her looking out the front window with the star flag in the corner – as if she was just waiting in that window for him to return. It actually made me cry….