Monthly Archives: October 2007

Happy Halloweenie!

Fun & crazy day! The morning brought a Costco run & moving the new desk from my parents into our house. It’s still not put together, since we need to fish the phone cord under the carpet first. Then we can finally use the desk we bought MONTHS ago. Thankfully, Halloween was low-key. Kids came…



I’m amazed. I’ve never lived in a neighborhood like this. Literally – I’m everyday amazed. We’ve been basically moved in for 3 days. We’ve had 4 people/families come over & introduce themselves. We’ve had one family come armed with cupcakes and a homemade “Welcome to the Neighborhood” card. People are friendly and welcoming & all…


How you DON’T want to wake up

Just a PSA for all y’all out there – in case you didn’t know. Ranked #1 on the list of “Ways You Absolutely, Totally, Without a Shadow of a Freaking Doubt Do NOT Want To Be Woken Up”? By being vomited on. At all. Especially at 4am by a 6 year old who wasn’t supposed…