Monthly Archives: September 2007

I’m sorry….WHAT???

Okay – went shopping today & stumbled across a new product that promptly drove Steve & I into fits of laughter and riffing. Because I would totally just lie in bed with a tablespoon until they had to cut off the side of my house in order to remove me with a crane. Seriously –…


What a weekend.

Whoa. Weekend of exhaustion. I’m completely ruined. We decided to take a weekend trip up to Wisconsin in order to be there for Steve’s brother’s departure ceremony. He leaves for Iraq on Tuesday. It was very important to Steve to take the weekend and spend it with him – just hanging out in the Dells,…


Cleaning Day

It’s Sunday and that means it was cleaning day here at the Casa de Housesitting my Parents’ House. Cleaning the bedsheets, vacuuming, dusting, quick clean bathrooms. wash the kitchen floor. These are the BIGGEST floors ever in the whole world. And something about Steven makes him come along behind me creating extra messes. The boy,…


The Squish invades Verda Dierzen

Yup – yesterday was his 1st day of school. So cool – there are only 3 kids in the class right now, so it’s a great environment for him. He was so incredibly cute. Check him out – here he is walking in with Daddy Here he is saying “hello” to his friend Brown Bear…


Open letter to my parents

Just so’s you know – I hope you weren’t planning on coming back here to live. Because we ain’t leaving. This is the best house ever & you’ll have to pry my cold, dead hands off the door handle to get me out. The beds are amazing comfy, the construction & decoration is soothing &…