Monthly Archives: August 2007


There is little that’s funnier to me than little kids and their complete lack of understanding about jokes. Steven got on a knock-knock joke kick tonight and I laughed simply out of his inability to get it. “Knock knock” “Who’s there?” “Water” “Water who?” “Great big drops of water falling on your head!!!” (cue maniacal…


Amityville Horror 4: The Smellening

What a freaky week we’ve had. The title refers to the the odd infestations we’ve been having in our house. We noticed on Monday that there were a number of huge, black houseflies in our bedroom – only our bedroom – and they just appeared out of nowhere. Not little flies that grew into big…



Okay….Vicodin? Totally failed me. I must be the only person in the world for whom Vicodin did 100% of NOTHING. Here I was, totally looking forward to a short-lived, completely legitimate high and I get nothing. No fair. Of course it COULD be God looking out for an ex-addict & making sure I don’t get…



I haven’t had much to say because my ear hurts. Apparently, I’m a toddler, because I have an ear infection. Started 2 weeks ago as just some fluid in my ear that I tried to get out with that Swimmer’s Ear drop stuff. Saturday, I realized my ear was starting to hurt. By Tuesday morning,…