Monthly Archives: August 2007

Only one more day

Only one more day in this house. I can’t hardly believe it. I totally don’t have anything done. Trying to figure out what things need to be moved to live at my parents’ for a month. What things can wait. We’ll be coming back every weekend to pack the rest, but it’s going to be…


Back home

Praise God. After spending 4 nights at a local hotel, our power is back on & we’re home. We were without power for more than 96 hours – which sucks – but we were lucky enough to be able to stay off-site. Though all 5 of us in one hotel room (even a 2-room suite)…


Thanks, ComEd!

We’ve been without power since Thursday at about 3pm. It’s now Saturday at midnight. ComEd can take a long walk off a short bridge. I cannot believe it’s been this long. Yeah, we had a LOT of rain on Thursday. We had this monstrous storm come through in the afternoon that looked like what you…


Middle School Never Ends

Wow – so much going on. Apparently, the opening at Sophia Sarducci went well, so that makes me really happy. I’m really getting into this whole community designer thing – I just hope my designs are selling well for them. I’ve been working my butt off (yeah…I wish) on a new kit for this week…


Thanks, McDonald’s!

Okay, so Steve has diabetes, right? Yeah. He’s on medication – though not insulin injections – and is trying to control his diet. So he goes on this trip to Oregon. He’s discovered this yummy iced coffee at McDonald’s and needs to stay awake. Because he’s RESPONSIBLE, he asks three different times at 3 different…