Monthly Archives: May 2007

He’s a first grader.

I’m too tired to do a whole post about today’s events, but suffice it to say that Steven <em>did</em>graduate. Here’s a video of the song I sang as the graduates marched in. Tweet


Y’know what I hate?

Betrayal. And theft. And thieving betrayal. And the inability to own up to what you’ve done when you’re caught red handed. I caught somebody I trusted doing very bad things with my scrapbook kits. Needless to say, I am quite furious. And a little sick. You see – I’m generally a trusting person. I want…


Migraines are evil.

Yeah. That. My head hurts. I woke up with a headache that slowly wrapped its gnarly tentacles around the base of my skull & up into my brain as the day progressed. I’m peeved & it’s too bright in here. I’ve also got a broken “N” on my laptop. Henry threw a book at my…


New Stuff in Store!

Well…one new kit anyway. Which – how awesome is that?? A new kit last week and another this week. Rock on, me. I finally made a wedding kit. I’m so pleased with it – though I’ll probably end up making an add-on or 2 because you just can’t include EVERYTHING you think of. Plus, it’s…