Monthly Archives: February 2007

So…we celebrated

It’s amazing how, when you’re dealing with a life that is different in its development, how the simplest milestones are a big deal & the big milestones?? Are earth-shattering. So, Henry walked today. 5 or 6 steps straight into my arms as I picked him up from school. Then we came home & I made…



Y’all?? I’m sitting here with tears streaming down my face. I’m sobbing with my arms raised up in praise. Why? Because he WALKED. Henry WALKED to me. When I picked him up from school, his teacher had me stand outside the door & he walked like 8 steps to me. And I SCREECHED. I’m so…


Waving the white flag

That’s it. I surrender. I will be setting our house on fire over the weekend & moving into a hotel. The mice have won. No matter what I do, I cannot defeat them. I clean & bait, they eat & laugh at me as they dance merrily in my tears. As I sit here, I…


Saturday shopping

We took a risk & went back to the “Crocodile Mall” today. Steve had a couple places he needed to go so he thought we’d spend some family time. Last time we went, it was a scene out of “Problem Child”, so we were, to put it mildly, apprehensive. But the kids did awesomely, thank…


Live from the Winter Cave

We’re totally snowed in. Well….actually, I’m exaggerating a little. We’re not snowed in, really, but we’ve had quite a bit of snow. I had to really push to get the front door open. We had a snow day today, so everybody was trapped in the house together. It wasn’t too bad, but Maggie & Steven…