Monthly Archives: January 2007

Goodbye, Ray

It’s been a crazy week of scheduling, planning and tired. And sadness. Just wanted to take minute & let y’all know that Steve’s dad finally let go last night at about 6pm CST. They finally got everyone assembled on Friday night to be there when they took him off the machines, but the stubborn guy…


The report’s in…

..and it’s definitely a miscarriage. My first blood level was at 3 (I guess 10 is what they’re looking for) and my 2nd was a 2, so it’s definitely a no-go. Thank you to everyone for your amazing kind words, prayers and love. All y’all have really blessed me this last week & I’m appreciative…


Another joy filled entry

At the risk of totally depressing all my 2 readers out there, I have yet another entry filled with daisies & puppies & little kittens hanging onto a knotted rope with “Hang in there!” printed in a girly typeface underneath. Went for my 2nd blood draw today. No results or anything until at least Monday….



I am in a bad mood. No…a BAD mood. I started bleeding yesterday & have spent last night & today in achy crampy pain as I wait for this miscarriage to finish. I went & had a blood test yesterday to get a base HCg level & have to go back tomorrow to get another,…