Monthly Archives: September 2006

Where I share the hell it is to be me.

Most days, I skate through the day, not hating myself too much, but not really acknowledging myself too much, either. Then, there are days like today where I feel confident in my abilities and my awesomeness and I attempt to do something I think I can totally handle. Then the universe explodes. I spent the…



Today is Friday. In case you were wonderin’. We went an got Maggie’s hair cut last weekend. They cut off about 4″ and made her a cute layered shag style. She looked totally adorable. Then, on Thursday morning, I wake up to find a big wad of her hair in my garbage can. Apparently, she…


A Bit of Controversy to Start Your Week

I’ve got something that’s been sticking in my craw lately – something that I’m sure is going to offend some people and maybe give some others something to think about. But it’s been really upsetting me, so what better venue to talk about what *I* think than my own blog. The Body of Christ. “For…


Is it okay…?

Say you’re working at your computer & you look down at your mouse pad (where your hand JUST WAS) and there’s a spider as big as a half dollar just sitting there under where your wrist JUST WAS? It’s okay to swear, right? Please? Cuz I did. Tweet


Five Years

I’m sure every other blog in the blogosphere has their 9/11 Tribute today. I’m sure some are amazingly moving and some are annoying. Some are political and some are emotional. Some are remembrances, some are filled with anger & vitriol. But all, I think, are important. What happened to our country five years ago was…