Monthly Archives: May 2006

Inside the Mommy’s Studio

 So, here goes: What is your favorite word? apparently, delicious, electric What is your least favorite word? retard or any derivative thereof What turns you on spiritually? music that brings you close to God – that forces you to your knees because your soul is crying out so urgently What turns you off? ignorance, selfishness,…



 I got caught up with House and Grey’s Anatomy today. I love House. With much, much loving. I only have 2 requests. 1 – Stop wasting my time with all the “other” people. More House, less Foreman, Chase and FAR less Cameron. All House, all the time. That’s my motto. 2 – LET HUGH LAURIE…


My Mother’s Day

I had such a lovely Mother’s Day. My children were amazing to me yesterday.  I was gently awoken by Maggie next to my bed setting up a TV tray. Then, in she and Steven come with a bowl of my favorite cereal, a bowl of oatmeal, a lemon square, and a glass of grape juice….


I’m SO in trouble

I actually had my first digital scrapbook STUDENT tonight! My friend called and asked if I would show her my digipages and give her a basic bit of how to get started. How cool is that?? It was super cool to have her be interested and want me to show her how. Slowly but surely…


Garage Sale…of DOOM.

So this week has been spent focused on getting ready for a garage sale. My BFF, Lori, (yes, I am in 5th grade, thanks for asking) lives in a development that has a huge garage sale every year. They pay for the advertising, signage & stuff so it’s just price & place for everybody. Really…