Monthly Archives: April 2006

Books, My Schizophrenic Nature with

So I’ve been reading this fantastic book called “Encyclopedia of An Ordinary Life” by Amy Krause Rosenthal. I just love this book. It’s like a bunch of random blog entries about different topics in alphabetical, encyclopedic format. I find myself, as I’m reading it, coming up with my own little entries that I could use…


This is what it is to be five

  This was the look on his face most of this day. Just variations on “OH.” Which was pretty super-cool. We ended up having a nice party that was just okay for me. Thankfully, the party wasn’t for me. Steven had a great time, though. Once it started, that is. Last night, I wrapped his…


Do I ever…

…write any entries that say anything other than “Good Lord, I’m so tired”? Seriously…do I? Because it feels like I sure don’t. This week was Steven’s “Dino-Mite Student” week at school. Every day, he got to bring a toy to school and have pictures of himself up in the classroom. Today he took the Smelting…


Why denial is not jut a river in Egypt

Despite what this picture is trying to claim, Steven is NOT five. He simply isn’t. I refuse it. I shun it. There simply is no way that this boy has been with us five years. I’m so very sad about this. That five years ago, this happened: I woke up on Tuesday, April 24th, with…


Why Steven is a rock star

During a conversation at dinner regarding Steve’s mom & how she’ll be 80 in 2 years. “Oh. My. GOSH. She’s almost a GIANT!” These are the moments that keep me from returning him for a store credit. Tweet