Monthly Archives: March 2006

AFO Centerfold

My boy’s got his AFO’s. Picked them up first thing this morning. He’s not terribly fond of them, as you can imagine. They’re pretty cute, though. He kept them on pretty good, though I think there’s going to be some regression as he gets used to the new feeling they create when standing. He was…


Day 2 of Spring Break

Day 2 of spring break is done. I don’t know if I’ll make it to the end of the week in one piece. Yesterday, we went to the library. We hadn’t been in forever because whenever we go, something inevitably gets lost or broken. Last time, we rented a Thomas video which Maggie broke by…


Two More New Layouts

After finishing the one LO for Steven – “Things My Steven Taught Me”, I got to work on ones for Henry & Maggie, too. Got those done this weekend. First is “Things My Henry Taught Me”: Journaling says: 1. There is no such thing as a “normal” child. There is only your child and all…


Two New Layouts

I’ve actually been getting a lot of scrapping done lately. I got 2 LOs done last night & today that I wanted to share. This first one was for a challenge over at the BSD forum. I’m very, very pleased with it. Journaling says, “”What a shock. It was so devastating to hear that he…


Where I uncover the mystery of my tired

So…in an effort to uncover why I’m perpetually exhausted, I bring you “Christy’s Tuesday”. 1. Be awakened at 6:35 by boy #1 saying, “Mommy….get up. You need to turn the light on in your office.” 2. Get up & turn the light on in my office. 3. Spend 30 seconds debating whether to lay back…