Monthly Archives: February 2006


There is fiberglass in my lungs. Not, not really, but it sure feels that way. I am so incredibly sick. I don’t know if the massage brought this all up or what, but my sinuses & throat & lungs are ruined. I’m coughing like a tuberculosis-suffering, coal-mining, asbestos-breathing smoker. It hurts. ::sickly sob:: Tomorrow we’re…


Sick and tired of being…

You know the rest. Here I am, at an AmeriSuites on a little mini-break, sick as the blazes. After a nuclear meltdown I had at the family on Monday, Steve booked me a weekend away – I think as much for them as for me. I came here Friday night, went to Archiver’s to buy…


So…what’s new?

Let’s see. We’re all feeling better, which is nice. I’ve still got a raging headache, but at least the death cough is gone. Steven went back to school today, which RAWKED. He was happy about it too, which was nice. I actually got off my duff and finally called Henry’s service coordinator about his orthotics….