Yearly Archives: 2006

Christmas Pt. 2

Okay – I don’t know why I waited because I’m more tired tonight than I was last night. But, I promised, so here goes. After we had our Christmas morning, we packed up & headed to my parents. There we had our all-family Christmas with my mom’s sisters & their families, my dad’s family, my…


Just gotta know…

When did I get so old that “going rollerskating for an hour with my daughter” becomes “holy crap I think I got hit by a bus because there’s no other reason my body should hurt this much.” When? WHEN?? My ankles hurt. My shins hurt. My knees hurt. My hips hurt. My inner thighs hurt….


Getting closer

Man. I have been in hyper-creating mode over the past couple of days. Finishing my mom’s Christmas cards, doing mine, doing a couple calendars as Christmas gifts. I did 2 completely separate calendars with Kim Hill’s cool calendar template.  One I did using layouts I’ve done as the pictures and the other I used as…


I’m so OLD.

I am HURTING, y’all. Maggie’s school had a family night at the roller rink. And Mommy has not skated in, oh, 20 years or so? Roller skating is way harder than I remember it. I used to skate quite a bit in junior high and I thought it would just all come back. And much…