Monthly Archives: May 2005

My poor baby

Look at this brave little face. Our little Squishy fights his pox with his usual good humor. (and a small dose of Benadryl) I hope he doesn’t scar. Here’s a funny anecdote. As we ate dinner last night, Steven took the time to regal us all with a list of those in his life who…


Parenting Stinks

Okay, I am just fed UP with this parenting thing today. My children are behaving like wild animals (with none of the survival instincts), and driving me up the freaking wall. I’m ready to start punching walls here. It’s this bloody report the girl has to do, I tell ya. This report has become the…



My house smells like a York Peppermint Patty. Left in a car. On a hot day. With the windows rolled up. I can see why the mice find the smell inhospitable. My eyes are watering. It’s official. Chicken Pox 3: Electric Boogaloo has opened. Starring Flexor the Squishmeister as DJ ItchyPants. This can’t be good….


The Drama, It is HUGE

Ahhhh…Wednesday. Halfway through the week. I could sleep all the time. With cool breezes wafting through the room and really faint bird songs in the background. Yum. Maggie’s working on her big “Around the World” report. She’s doing Germany. It’s really quite a serious deal – writing a report & learning about the food, games,…



I don’t know why I wrote it like that – sing it like a song. Yeah, that’s it. We went to awards night at school tonight. Basically giving an award to every kid who participated in anything all year. Plus a program by the 4th graders. It was really nice & all, but on Monday…