Monthly Archives: May 2005

School Choices.

Loooooong weekend. We’ve decided that, instead of going to Maggie’s school in the fall, Steven’s going to go to the pre-kindergarten program at the school where he’s been receiving speech therapy. It’s been a tough decision to make since we think the education at Maggie’s school would be excellent, we’ve been very worried about his…


Guten Tag!

Today was M’s “Around The World” report presentation day! Thanks to my awesome cousin (props to Rosie!!), I got to go, sans boys, and watch the whole thing. Totally surprised M who knows better than to expect me to come to her school stuff. M’s country was Germany. Y’all will recall the strife associated with…


My son’s a narc

This is how I started my day today: I’m in the shower. In marches my 4 yo, clutching the picture you see here in his hand. He comes in the shower, verbally accosting me with “MOMMY! You broke Daddy’s CAR!” I see the picture & explain that yes, I did, but that was a long…


Day 4

Well….at least he’s smiling. He is so cute, even with all those little things all over. It’s just that ONE under his eye – so big. I sure hope he doesn’t scar. Another night with very little sleep last night. I’m crashing fast here. I think I’m gonna go to bed early tonight. Had more…


Poxfest – One month

Well, it’s day 3 of Henry’s leg of the big Pox Festival 2005 & let’s just say ‘don’t take the brown acid’.   Henry is miserable. Most of the pox are on his face, but they’re on his chest, tummy, back, bottom, scrotum & penis. All he knows is that he’s uncomfortable & hot. He…