Yearly Archives: 2005

It’s almost over

So 2005 is almost over. One more day. My head hurts just thinking about it. Seems like ’05 just began & now it’s over. I kinda hate this time of year because I always end up looking back over the year to see what I’ve accomplished. I remember that last year I had set a…


Post-Christmas Shrapnel

We had Christmas at my parents’ new house. They literally JUST moved in like the week before Christmas and it’s still pretty empty, save some basic furniture & the Christmas tree. They have this lovely huge living room with parquet wood floors and vaulted ceilings and Henry just loved it. These great slippery floors –…


She’s 8

Just a quick little snippet in the quiet before the storm. So Maggie’s 8 today. At 11:11 am, she moved that little bit closer to teenager (pre-pre-teen, as she calls it) and a couple more of my hairs went grey. She woke me up at 7:00 by snuggling into the bed & after some mild…


Makin’ Cookies

Yesterday, I decided to get moving on the baking I need to do for Christmas. Because of my knee, I’m way behind on everything. I was going to do all this great baking – gingerbread & cut-out Christmas cookies, loaves of bread, cinnamon muffins, a chocolate torte and some other miscellaneous things. Of course, I…


A bit better

So I went back yesterday & got some good news. It seemed to stop spreading & even recede a bit. It’s still rather tender & a big knot in one particular spot. But the doctor thought it looked much better & I didn’t need the hospital or another Rocephin shot. Just “go home. stay off…