Monthly Archives: October 2004

Creepy Massage Lady

Okay – my family & I were at the mall today & walking past the innumerable kiosks with everything from portraits of Elvis to Hello Kitty key chains. The set-up: Steve is pushing our double stroller filled with Steven, Henry & packages. I’m walking to his left holding Maggie’s hand. We approach this kiosk (in…


One Year

It’s been a year. A whole year. I can’t believe it. One year ago today, we welcomed our little Squishy into our lives. That little nut was placed in my arms & I had no idea how much our lives were about to change. I mean, I knew we were embarking on a house filled…


Good heavens, it’s nearly Halloween.

Where is the time going? I seem to be spending all my time turning on videos, checking on my auctions & redoing things I’ve already done. I’m tired of it. Sometimes I feel like I’m a hamster running on a wheel, busting my hump & getting nowhere. Let’s see – what am i doing? I’ve…


Just a Little Brain Dump

Another day, another dollar. Maggie’s back in school after the long weekend.  It’s funny how 2 people who love each other so desperately can fight like the end of the world. Steven hates it when she leaves and is SO happy when she returns, but as soon as we return home, they start in on…



I’m so sick, sick, SICK of all the bloody political talk! Everybody hates everybody else & wants them to die a horrid, painful, bloody, embarrassing, humiliating, widely publicized death after which they can prance merrily through their entrails followed by a band of lute players, bagpipes, bone-thugs & harmony. BLAH!!! I’m so TIRED of “so&so…