Maggie’s Play

Things are better!! They’re better! They’re not perfect, but they’ve improved! YAY!

Henry has begun to eat. He’s not back to normal yet, but he is eating again. He’s discovered ice cream, so he’s been downing about a cup of ice cream, 2 jars of bananas and the equivalent of 2 large bowls of Cheerios every day. It’s far from what we’re looking for, but he’s EATING, y’all. So that’s huge. He’s also started throwing things and hitting again, so he’s approaching “feeling better” on the spectrum.

Maggie’s show opened last night. It’s “The Jungle Book” and they’ve got 3 different casts. They have 75 kids involved and they spread the kids out into 3 different casts. In one cast, Maggie plays the bird, Raan, and in a 2nd cast, she’s a monkey. In the 3rd cast, she works as an usher and an audience member. It’s pretty cool. Last night, she was a monkey. She didn’t have much to do other than running around like a…..monkey…in the preshow and dancing to the Macarena. Then she did a lot of scene changes and was in the big monkey scene. Today in the afternoon, she played Raan and she was SO GOOD. The main problem with kids’ shows is that the kids either deliver their lines too quietly, way too rapidly or a combination of both. So a kid comes on, says something that you totally can’t understand and leaves. It takes practice and good direction to teach children to avoid this habit. I was SO PROUD this afternoon when Maggie “flew” onstage and delivered her lines slowly, carefullly and with feeling. I understood everything she said (which I didn’t with last night’s cast) and she even got a laugh with her 2 lines. After the show, I got some pictures which I’d loooove to share with you!

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In case you don’t know, pregnant women often have very vivid, very random, very weird dreams that can be totally intricate and realistic. I’m no exception to this. I’ve spent the last 9 months have dreams I couldn’t possibly recap for you – even if I wanted to, which I wouldn’t because they’re often embarrassing and I wouldn’t want to expose the deep, dark recesses of my subconscious. Last night, however? Was weird. I dreamt I was having lunch at Olive Garden and my waiter was Alan Rickman. Thankfully, I wasn’t all schmoopy and fangirly over him, but had a conversation about this change-of-careers for him and how he only worked lunches because the “ladies who lunch” loved him and his voice and he was CLEANING UP on tips.

Apparently, the Olive Garden is missing that snarky, sarcastic, bitter, mordant type of waiter that all the ladies crave.

More breadsticks, miss?? Certainly. Perhaps I should bring a trough?”
“Oh, no, please. I live to refill your Zuppa Toscano and raspberry lemonade.”

I think my subconscious was right. He would CLEAN UP.