There is fiberglass in my lungs. Not, not really, but it sure feels that way. I am so incredibly sick. I don’t know if the massage brought this all up or what, but my sinuses & throat & lungs are ruined. I’m coughing like a tuberculosis-suffering, coal-mining, asbestos-breathing smoker. It hurts. ::sickly sob::

Tomorrow we’re going downtown. I’m taking Maggie to see Wicked and Steven and Steve are tagging along. They’re going to go to a museum while we’re at the show. Of course, it should be fantastic with this gutteral, violent coughing happening. I”m gonna have to pop cough drops like sweet tarts.

DSC03200bWe had Henry’s IFSP meeting on Monday. The numbers were “9 months”….”12 months”…and a “18months”. His percentage delays went up pretty much across the board – except for expressive language. That one went down. So….yay! We’ve decided to stop waiting and get Henry’s AFOs ourselves. Since we’ve lost 3 months in his standing/walking progression without the AFOs, I’m PEEVED. If we wait for Early Intervention to do it, it would probably be another 6-8 weeks. Since it only takes DAYS for the people to make them, we’re not waiting any more. I can’t believe we’ve lost 3 months of progress because of this. I’m so incredibly furious….trying to keep it under control & not lash out at anybody. Because blame doesn’t matter – all that matters is what are we going to do from here. And what are we going to do? Get. Him. Walking. NOW.