100 Things

1. In the year I was born both MLK & RFK were assassinated.

2. I’m a pretty good singer.

3. I have 3 kids.

4. Maggie was my first child, but not my first pregnancy.

5. I had another miscarriage between Maggie & Steven.

6. When I was about 12 weeks pregnant with Henry, they couldn’t find him in the u/s. The dr decided to wait before giving me a D&C. A week later, there he was.

7. I have 2 brothers.

8. My older brother just turned 42.

9. My younger brother turned 27 this year.

10. He’s so much younger because he’s my half-brother.

11. But he’s more like full blood.

12. My dad left when I was 4.

13. My mom worked 3 jobs to raise us all by herself.

14. She married my stepdad when I was 11.

15. My stepdad? ROCKS.

16. I got stitches in my knee when I was 9 or 10.

17. My ragged metal bike fender got jammed into my knee.

18. My brother did it.

19. We had 2 dogs – Sneaker and Shugy.

20. Shugy was dumped on us by a friend of my mom.

21. Shugy was senile & would pee in the corner & sit in it.

22. Subsequentally, she smelled BAD.

23. Sneaker rocked.

24. She was a black lab/collie mix.

25. Her tail was like a whip & hurt like the blazes when it hit you.

26. I & this other kid started in the gifted program in our school system.

27. He ended up valedictorian of our class.

28. I didn’t.

29. My first play was Sleeping Beauty.

30. I played Maleficent.

31. I was in fifth grade.

32. My mom made Maleficent’s headpiece out of the legs of one of my dolls.

33. I was a cheerleader in 7th grade.

34. I quit in 8th grade because I was starting to sing & the cheering was wrecking my voice.

35. I made a compromise by being a pom-pom girl in high school.

36. Only for sophomore year.

37. I was in every play in high school except for one.

38. I had to sit that one out because my grades had slipped.

39. I began singing lessons in 7th grade.

40. I took them for 14 years.

41. I was “Miss Modern Chemistry” my junior year.

42. Because I could name the most elements on the periodic chart.

43. I was MORTIFIED.

44. I went to Millikin University out of high school.

45. Majored in musical theatre.

46. Became a Zeta Tau Alpha

47. Was selected for one of the top swing choirs in the nation.

48. Discovered happy hour & frat parties.

49. Became a Dead Head & totally dug The Cure & Cat Stevens

50. I got lost at Disney World in the 5th grade

51. I was dizzy getting off the teacups.

52. I went on several other rides by myself before walking back to the Contemporary Resort.

53. I had to drop out of Millikin.

54. Immediately after that I spent 30 days in rehab.

55. My hometown has a really cool Opera House & a couple of community theatre groups.

56. I did a bunch of shows with them after my stint in rehab.

57. I’ve been sober since 1988.

58. I got sober before I was legal.

59. I’m allergic to shrimp.

60. I discovered that on my honeymoon.

61. My husband & I started dating when we did “Little Shop of Horrors” together.

62. My mom was concerned because he played Mr. Mushnick & she thought he was like 45 years old & I was only 22.

63. She was wrong.

64. He proposed to me on that same stage after a performance of “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” which he directed.

65. Because of that, our engagement photos have scantily-clad women in the background.

66. I was run over by a homecoming float my freshman year of high school.

67. On the 50 yard line during half-time.

68. I love photography.

69. I had my two sons at home with no anesthesia.

70. It was AWESOME, relaxing & easier.

71. Maggie was born on Christmas Eve.

72. While I was in labor, we listened to my younger brother’s choir singing Christmas songs on a Chicago radio station.

73. My husband called in to say “hey” and tell him Maggie was on her way.

74. Henry’s labor took 4 hours from start to finish.

75. He came so fast, the doctor didn’t have time to get here, so the midwife delivered him. Just barely.

76. I pushed 3 times & he was out.

77. He was born in caul.

78. He was 2 weeks old before we found out he has Down Syndrome.

79. If I had a list like on Friends, mine would be: 1. Jason Isaacs 2. Alan Rickman 3. Hugh Laurie 4. Christopher Meloni 5. Colin Firth

80. British villains are a weakness of mine.

81. In fact, a good British accent alone slays me.

82. I love gummy bears.

83. I don’t think I could live without Chicago-style pizza & Italian beef sandwiches.

84. I don’t like to cook.

85. I hate ironing.

86. I love scrapbooking.

87. I love the Harry Potter series.

88. We had a chocolate lab, Zeus, that we adopted in 2003.

89. He was a HUGE dog.

90. Unfortunately, he got abdominal cancer & we had to put him to sleep.

91. I want another dog.

92. I’m addicted to Diet Coke with Lime.

93. I could eat Portillo’s chopped salads every day.

94. My favorite scent is Midwinter’s Eve from BPAL.

95. I can do a mean impression of Tim Curry.
96. I have trichtillomania. I only pull my eyebrows & lashes, though. Not the hair on my head.

97. I have a nearly 3 octave singing range.

98. I am a conservative Republican.

99. I am an evangelical Christian.

100. We can be fun people, too!