-0.8 Degrees

Seriously. Talk to me some more about “global warming” Mr. Gore.

So I’ve got some time to waste. We’re driving into the city today to go to the eye institute to get all our eyes checked. Because we’re abnormal people who can’t just go to the local opthomologist, we have to go to the ULTRASOOPERCRAZYHUGEEYEPLACE instead. It’s the Illinois Eye Institute which is attached to the College of Optometry, so the exams are really thorough and LOOOOOOONG, done by students and then double checked by the doctors. I suppose it’s good, but it’s a big pain in the keyster, since you have to basically schedule a whole day to do it. Silly children, wanting to see and everything. :sigh:

Again, sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I make a mental note to do it every day and then I sit down to do it and can’t think of anything to talk about. Unfortunately right now, most of what’s running through my head comes out in 140 character Twitter soundbites. Not enough for an actual post.

Everybody seems to be healthy again, which is positive. They all went back to school on Monday and then Mag & Steven had a snow day yesterday. A completely unnecessary snow day. Henry had school. I was skeptical when I picked them up from school on Tuesday and they told me school had been called off for the next day due to the impending storm. Turned out it wasn’t quite as bad here as they thought and the road were mostly clear by the time school rolled around. At least Henry went to school so I could nap. Because I have been kicking the Sandman’s behind lately. I am ROCKING this sleep thing. I love it and cannot get enough. Apparently, I’m overtired or something, because as soon as I stop moving, my eyelids start fighting me. I’m struggling to stay awake as I drive the kids to school. So….that stinks.

I honestly cannot think of another interesting thing to say. I’m spending most of my awake time trying to clean, watching what I’ve Tivoed, or playing the Sims 3. Sometimes combining 2 of the 3. I have to get on the stick, though, and make Christmas cards and 2 gifts to give. They shouldn’t take too long, but it’ll be good to get them out of the way. Maybe I’ll get started on them as we drive into the city today.

Okay – better feed the baby before we go. Thanks for checking in!